Repairs that enhance your property's value.


Here's one example of how Green Keys enhanced the value of a property while coordinating and managing repair work.

Problem: A leak led to water damage

At this rental property, a leak went undetected for so long that the exterior wall behind the shower rotted out. Green Keys made sure the crew removed the old tile, drywall and soggy, rotten wood. This photo shows the rotted-out exterior wall during demolition.

Step 2: Tile with lasers and spacers

To ensure that the new tile was installed with the maximum level of professionalism, Green Keys used lasers and special spacers to make sure all tiles were installed perfectly level with even and consistent grout lines.

Step 1: Insulation and Waterproofing

Green Keys coordinated all the repairs to the property. First, the exterior wall was rebuilt with pressure-treated wood. To enhance the building's efficiency, new insulation was installed and cracks were sealed. Double-sided membrane and Red Guard (looks like red paint) were applied to ensure that the shower area is now 100% water tight.

Step 3: Seal and Caulk

To add the final touches, the tiles and grout lines were thoroughly sealed with premium sealer, and 100% waterproof silicone sealed the gap between tiles and tub. The owner is happy, and the tenants love their new bathroom.

This cautious, thorough, "once and done" approach added approximately 3 times more value to the property than the cost of the repair work.

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