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Green Keys: Your key to stress-free rental income 

Are you having trouble collecting rent? Tired of dealing with late-night phone calls? Frustrated by a bad tenant experience?

Property management is not for everyone. If you want rental income without the hassles and stress of managing it, place your property under the reliable care of Green Keys, a locally owned, investor-friendly company that treats tenants with kindness, empathy and respect.

Management Fee only 7.9%


​For a limited time, Green Keys is charging a special rate of only 7.9% for property management within Portland city limits.


This fee includes rent collection, accounting and bookkeeping services, tenant communications, maintenance task coordination, official notices to tenants, and more.


If you want Green Keys to fill a vacancy, we'll advertise your rental on all the top search engines used by renters, show it to prospective applicants, process applications, select the best tenants based on fair and pre-determined screening criteria, draw up the lease, collect the security deposit and first month's rent, take"before" photos, and complete the move-in checklist. All this for one low price of $580.

For details, see the Owner Price List.

Green Keys and Buildium


Green Keys is powered by Buildium property management software. Buildium's mobile app makes it easy to check the status of leases, tenants and rent payments on the go.


Buildium stores property data, tenant information, scanned leases, and payment histories. Its resident site allows tenants to complete and submit rental applications online and to pay rent through an online portal. It enables Green Keys to keep tabs on rental income, maintenance requests, and lease expiration dates. 


With Buildium, Green Keys can generate owner statements and financial reports that are complete and accurate. Statements can be sent as PDFs via email, making the process paperless.

Repairs: The Green Keys Approach


At Green Keys, we approach the repair process as an opportunity to make improvements to your property while fixing the problem at hand. It's never smart to hide problems by covering them up. At Green Keys, we get to the root of the problem and repair it in a way that increases your property's value. Our "once and done" approach will make your property more energy efficient, air tight, waterproof, safe and attractive to future tenants.


See one example of the Green Keys approach to repairs.

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